Surveyor Negligence

Surveyors are specialists who are responsible for assessing how sound a property is. They must look out for any defects, see if there’s potential for small cracks to become major problems, and futureproof the properties and buildings they assess.

To do this, they train for years to build their skills and knowledge. As well as undergoing intensive training, they are fully regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which sets out the standards that must be met by each qualified surveyor. If they fail to meet these standards, they could lose their accreditation, and therefore their credibility and ability to continue surveying work.

All surveyors owe their clients a duty of care. When they are negligent in this provision of care, they could cause clients to suffer a financial loss.

If your surveyor’s mistake or failure to properly follow procedures has caused you to lose money, you might be able to claim compensation due to surveyor negligence.

What is surveyor negligence?

For most surveyor negligence claims, the main issue is that the level of care fell below the standards expected of a qualified, fully accredited surveyor. By failing to provide the expected amount of care in their role, the surveyor has acted negligently.

You don’t have to have necessarily directly hired the surveyor to have a case for negligence. In many mortgage valuations, for example, the surveyors are instructed by the mortgage lender. However, even in this instance, if the surveyor has failed to take care when carrying out their valuation, you could still seek legal advice about surveyor negligence.

We are skilled in overseeing surveyor negligence compensation claims

Whatever type of surveyor negligence you’ve experienced, we’re here for you. When you speak to us, we’ll work with you to decide your next steps. However, if the service you received from your surveyor was simply poor, you won’t have grounds for a claim. To be able to seek compensation, you must have suffered a financial loss.

Should you think you have a good case for a surveyor negligence claim, get in touch. You can make an online enquiry, give us a call, or ask for a callback.

During the first conversation, we will talk to you about what happened. This will give us the chance to find out all we can about your case and whether we think we can take it further. From there, our surveyor negligence solicitors will be able to help.

Strict time limits apply, and you usually need to make your claim within three years of the negligence taking place. So, speak to us as soon as you can to get the claims process underway.

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We consider all cases on a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), also known as a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that if you are not successful in pursuing your claim, we will not charge you any of our base legal costs.

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