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If you have suffered a financial loss made by a construction professional, we can help

Construction is an industry that underpins the economy in the UK and is fundamental to its success.

It is a sector that touches every part of our lives from public services and infrastructure through to the homes we live in. Billions of pounds are invested every year in projects that are shaping our future.

When investments are made we put our faith in the professionals we appoint to successfully deliver these construction projects.

From surveying to construction, every professional has a duty of care to ensure the successful delivery of their responsibilities.

However, when mistakes are made by construction professionals they can result in significant financial losses and emotional stress.

If you have suffered a financial loss as a result of mistakes made by a construction professional, we can help.

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If you think you have suffered a financial loss due to the negligent actions of a construction professional, you can contact our expert legal team by telephone or by email or via our enquiry form.

Our initial telephone contact service is available 24/7 and all enquiries are free of charge.

We are dedicated to providing our clients outstanding service and achieving the most positive outcome and maximum compensation. We have a depth of experience and expertise of dealing with construction negligence that is unparalleled.

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