Architect Negligence

Architects specialise in the design and alteration of buildings. They work with quantity surveyors to make cost estimates, and then supervise and manage the building project, ensuring it follows their plans and designs.

As part of their role, an architect might be responsible for the work carried out by a building contractor. Often, they’ll have to make sure the build is to an acceptable standard and that it meets the standard building regulations, as well as the architectural plans.

Before work on a building project gets underway, a contract is usually put in place between the client and the architect. This will list the duties and responsibilities of those involved in the build and set out obligations and professional standards that need to be met.

If these standards aren’t met or something goes wrong and mistakes are made, you might find that you can make a claim for architect negligence. If this is the case, we can help.

What is architect negligence?

While architects will work hard to ensure there are no errors or omissions in the work they do, sometimes mistakes do happen. Depending on the circumstances, these errors can lead to negligence claims being made. But what makes a mistake something more? When is a mistake classed as architect negligence?

If there are any issues with the work that an architect does, it can be detrimental to the design of the building. These issues can lead to problems with the structure and cause delays in the building being useable – and delays can be a problem if the building is urgently needed.

If you’re unhappy with the work that an architect has done for you and you think that their actions were negligent speak to us and we’ll be able to advise you on your potential claim.

Some examples of this type of negligence include:

  • Poor project management, which caused you financial loss
  • Inadequate or undervalued budget planning, leading to the build being more expensive
  • Contractual disputes with building contractors and professionals that caused financial loss for you
  • Insufficient plans/ drawings
  • Careless design advice
  • Neglectful building supervision

How do I make a claim?

While not all errors made by architects are detrimental, if things are missed it can cause serious issues. In the most extreme cases, buildings can become dangerous as a result of architects getting their measurements wrong.

To begin the claims process, get in touch today and we will find out about what happened and explain the next steps.

A member from our legal team will listen to you to find out more about your case and assess your chances of making a successful claim. From there, our architect negligence solicitors will be able to help. Strict time limits apply, so the sooner you speak to us, the sooner we can progress your claim.

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